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Design Expo Winter 2020

The UM-SJTU Joint Institute Design Expo showcasesundergraduate projects of JI’s design-based courses, especially the ECE/ME/MSE4500Jcapstone design course. It shows the actual learning outcomes of the students,and provides an opportunity to practice their ability to demonstrate theprototypes or applications on the spot. The Design Expo with 14 years’ historyhas become a comprehensive platform to demonstrate the practice andeffectiveness of education reform at UM-SJTU Joint Institute.                                                     

ECE4500J. Major Design Experience & ME4500J. Design and Manufacture III

Give eachstudent a deep understanding of how to approach open-endedchallenges by process, and to learn how to innovate and apply the seeminglyfragmented engineering knowledge acquired at JI to the design and manufacturingof real mechanical, mechatronic or electrical/computer systems. 


ECE4270J. VLSI Design I

The coursedelves into the design techniques essential for the efficient implementation ofvery large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits. The curriculum commences with areview of the fundamentals of CMOS technology and logic circuits. It progressesto encompass topics such as timing analysis, low-power design, testability,architectural considerations, and high-speed communication. A final projectprovides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge of VLSI topractical, hands-on designs.


ECE4730J. Advanced EmbeddedSystems

Lectures,experiments, and projects are designed to introduce the student to the basicshardware, software and algorithms of embedded systems. Topics may include powersupply, hardware, software hardware interface, embedded operating system, andembedded system applications. Report writing and team-building skills are alsoimportant in this course.


ENGR4903J.Undergraduate Research Course

TheUndergraduate Research Courses provide undergraduate students opportunities towork with individual faculty members on their research projects. The courseallows students to engage in scientific research early during theirundergraduate study, and to get prepared for their future academic career inselected engineering fields.


ME4950J. Laboratory II

Involvesstudents in the design, construction, and operation of extended experimentalprojects related to mechanical systems, supplemented by weekly lectures intheoretical and applied experimental methods, and technical communication.  Project topics may include controls, heattransfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechanics, materials, and dynamicalsystems. The course emphasizes research report writing, oral presentations,team-building skills, and design of experiments.


ENGR1000J. Introductionto Engineering

Introduces students to the professional technical andcommunication skills required of engineers and provides them with an overviewof engineering at the beginning of their program. An important component of thecourse is the real-world engineering projects. 

Team Members

ECE4500J/ME4500J—Major Design Experience / Design andManufacture III

Instructor: Jigang Wu, Peisen Huang, ChengbinMa

Course TA: Haojun Qin , Xuanmin Wang,Ruotong Yang


ENGR1000J—Intro to Engineering

Instructor: Mian Li, Yang Liu, Irene Wei;Yulian He, Kwee-Yan Teh

Course TA: Xiwen Cao, Lan Xu


ECE4903J—Undergraduate Research Course

Instructor: Xuyang Lu, Dezhi Zhou, HanyangZhuang, Paul Weng, Yanming Wang

Course TA: Zhe Yu, Diyan Fu


ECE4270J—VLSI Design I

Instructor: Xuyang Lu

Course TA: Peilin Xiao


ECE4730J—Advanced Embedded Systems

Instructor: An Zou

Course TA: Yuankai Xu


ME4950J—Laboratory II

Instructor: David Hung, Kwee-Yan Teh

Course TA: Zhe Li



Instructor: Yifei Zhu

Course TA: Yu Liu


Design Expo Lead:  Chengbin Ma

Design Expo Coordinator:  Leilei Xu, Haojun Qin(student assistant)

Coordinator: Leilei Xu, Haojun Qin

Award Ceremony Coordinator: Leilei Xu, HaojunQin

Award Ceremony Host:  Xinyuan He, Mansur Ayazbayev

Award Ceremony Performers: Dayong Wang

Volunteer Recruitment: Renyu Cai

Expo Award Certificate: Leilei Xu, HaojunQin

Layout Support: Property Management Team in LongbinBuilding

Coordinator: Jianrong Xiao, Chen Sun

Coordinator: Die Ruan

Design Expo Designer: Jilun Shen

Media & Press Release: Die Ruan

Award Ceremony Host Training: Weirong Zhou

Poster assistant: Ruihan Ma

Coordinator: Xinyi Zhang

Coordinator: Die Ruan

Video Hosts: Zijie Qu, Jingxin Wei


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